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I am a graphic designer and truly have been all my life. Since I was a young girl looking at the advertisements in magazines not knowing there were articles to watching all the commercials and not the shows. We all have directions that send us down our own paths and mine is to bring people together to create new ideas, and to change the outcome of great design. I'm a connector, I can find someone who can help me get the job done, or to help me find the right solution.

I have worn many hats in my design career and I have worked with some amazing people creating great design. Whether it's creating new concepts, developing a marketing plan or releasing a final mechanical, the world has brought the best and the brightest to my door to complete the process, to finish the idea. Bringing this design process to the classroom has allowed me to instruct many students to fall in love with design as much as I do.

portrait of Janine Susz